Hey Guys and welcome to my new blog!  I’ve decided to switch my blog to this particular hosting site and to begin blogging again.  I wanted to start fresh with a new design to go along with my (re) new (ed) desire to write again.  I have been very active making videos on youtube and connecting with other curlistas/naturalistas on various social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and I’m trying to discover what the purpose of Twitter is in my life.  LOL!!  I’m still new on Twitter and am not as active on there as the other sites so I’m still trying to find a level of comfort.  Since the majority of my free time has been spent on those sites, sadly, my blog ‘became’ neglected and  while I have thoroughly enjoyed learning about how to make videos and sharing my content through pictures and videos I began to miss just sharing my thought in writing.  Many times I’d remember things I wanted to share but forget to mention in my videos.  I also don’t like making my videos too long so many of my thoughts would come and go without being shared.   I think blogging is the perfect platform to share these thoughts as I’m inspired to do so.

So what will my first few posts be on?  I don’t know.  I have so much to update you on I kind of don’t know where to start but I will start…I must start somewhere.

Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog to stay updated on new posts and all the happenings here on Lovingdeenaturally!  I look forward to reconnecting with some of you and connecting for the first time with others!

Here’s to Beginning Again…!



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