Saturday, November 29, 2014

Rinsed my hair last night (see previous day’s journal notes here).  My hair is totally dry this morning and I am in awe and soooo loving the shine on my #noproduct #sebumonly #productfree #wateronlyhairwash hair.  I’m especially loving how my hair is feeling at the roots.  My roots feel as if there is a light grease or oil on them making my hair feel very moisturized, soft, silky and controlled; not feeling dry, frizzy or hard or out of control.  I have not taken my nighttime twists out and probably will leave them in all day today so I won’t have to do any special bedtime preparations.

DSCN1281 3

DSCN1287 4

DSCN1295 6

DSCN1298 5


DSCN1279 1

DSCN1280 2



open-diary-pages-w-old-photo-empty-tag-label-paper-scrap-manuscript-mail-envelope-scrapbooking-elements-33294349Sunday, November 30, 2014


Untwisted and fluffed and styled.  Nov29-30


twist up and GHE

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