Monday, November 24, 2014

Morning:  took off plastic cap and once my twists dried I untwisted and had gorgeous, soft, even more clumped, elongated curls with minimal frizz.  This is about the best wow wash and go I have ever had!!!!!  I am attempting to cut down on so much rinsing during the week and see if GHE at night will give my hair the moisture it needs instead of rinsing everyday.  I don’t feel I need to rinse everyday since I already have full coverage of sebum on my hair.  Now I’m in the maintaining phase of keeping the sebum from building up and drying out on my hair and keeping the right moisture levels in my hair.  The heat from my head at night and the moisture from what’s already in my hair(or a quick spritz right before I put the baggy on) hopefully will aid in the moisture being absorbed into my strands.  During the day today I scritched my scalp.

Bedtime:  will twist hair up and GHE


Tuesday November 25, 2014

Morning:  took plastic cap off and let hair dry.  My hair is never fully wet with GHE…just slightly damp.  Left my hair in twists all day.

Bedtime:  GHE overnight


Wednesday, November 26, 2014

same as previous day Tuesday




Thursday, November 27, 2014.

Morning:  took of plastic cap; undid twists and wore my hair loose(Thanksgiving Day).  Rinse 20141127_125913-MIX 1day tomorrow

Bedtime:  scritch/massage, dry preen and dry detangle, rinse tomorrow.

NOTE:  I feel my hair really needed to be rinsed Wednesday night.  It has a slight dry feeling altho it is still incredibly soft and manageable.  I love the silky softness that sebum gives my hair.  But I will definitely rinse tomorrow.  My roots look a little “light” in color so I think that gray buildup might be coming back altho I have not rinsed for a few days now.  I will rinse tomorrow without clarifying to see if it is just a matter of my hair needing moisture or needing clarifying.


Friday, November 28, 2014(RINSE DAY)

Morning:  Rinsed hair loose

Bedtime:  twist hair; no GHE

NOTEI rinsed late in the afternoon so by bedtime my hair was still slightly damp at the roots.  As I was twisting for bedtime I noticed I had a lot of tangles at my damp roots and I took the time(while watching tv) to detangle my roots.  99.9% of tangles that I get are due to shed hairs that have coiled around my hair strands.   I do have single strand knots and I snip them as I come across them.  I shared in a tag video that there are times I just snatch out the ssk but again, Rachaelcpr shared a video with great info on maintaining the health of your ends by snipping them with sharp shears and snatching them out is just not a good thing, and I knew that.  I was just being lazy so now I’m making the effort to go find the scissors and snip my ssks.

NOTE:  I did not clarify my hair, I just rinsed with warm/hot water.  My roots no longer have that gray/ashy look so I didn’t need to clarify. 

NOTE: I’m observing that after about three days my hair needs a good drenching rinse.  Looking back at my journal here the last time I rinsed was last Saturday, 11/22/14…whoa, that’s waaaaaaayyyy too long.  I didn’t realize it had been that long(hence the need for a daily journal  So my conclusion is this:  Even with GHE every night I cannot go longer than 3 days  without a good drenching rinse.  




Van · November 30, 2014 at 1:29 pm

Your hair looks nice and healthy.

    LovingDeeNaturally · November 30, 2014 at 5:08 pm

    Thank you Van!

(Respectfully) let me know your thoughts :-D:

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