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go site Sunday, December 14, 2014

Hair stayed in twists all day.


open-diary-pages-w-old-photo-empty-tag-label-paper-scrap-manuscript-mail-envelope-scrapbooking-elements-33294349 Monday, December 15, 2014(RINSE DAY)

Rinsed hair loose.  Used a weak ACV rinse to get hair back to it’s soft state and to attempt to wash out the aloe vera juice effects.   Poured ACV on each section, detangled quickly then rinsed out.  I then did my  :Scritch/Massage/Preen/Detangle/Twist” in sections as a I go under running water and twist back up…t-shirt dry for about 10 min or so.  My hair felt soooo much better and my hair is very light and fluffy with soft definition of curls.  More frizzy than I’m used to but I’m not too bothered by it.  NO GHE at night NOTE:  I find that my hair seems to like Apple Cider Vinegar rinses be they weak or strong.  It does not clarify my hair but I do feel it does removes some sebum.  I try to control how much sebum it removes by how weak or strong I dilute with water.  As long as the solution is not too strong with acv and as long as I don’t leave it on my hair long most of my sebum stays intact and my ends don’t get stripped..  I don’t know what it is about ACV that it makes my hair so soft and manageable that it makes my hair easy to detangle….detangle in the sense that I can pull my curls apart to release tangles and shed hairs.   I’m assuming it is the ph of the ACV solution that my hair likes(although I can achieve the same ph with Aloe Vera Juice and have used AVJ to set the ph of my products).   It also gives my hair slight slip.

open-diary-pages-w-old-photo-empty-tag-label-paper-scrap-manuscript-mail-envelope-scrapbooking-elements-33294349 Tuesday, December 16, 2014

hair stayed in twists all day

open-diary-pages-w-old-photo-empty-tag-label-paper-scrap-manuscript-mail-envelope-scrapbooking-elements-33294349 Wednesday, December 17, 2014

hair stayed in twists all day.  Wearing headwraps.



agence de rencontre roumaine Thursday, December 18, 2014(RINSE DAY)

hair stayed in twists all day.  Wearing headwraps



source url Friday, December 19, 2014(RINSE DAY)

 So I finally rinsed my hair today…it’s been a while.  I’ve been stumbling upon videos of ponytail roller sets and am intrigued and loving the results that these women are getting.  I decided to try one so I did a ponytail rollerset (Water Only hair product on my hair except a bit of grapeseed oil on my ends).

first day wm

This is how I put my hair for the night.

roller set week of dec 143 wm

Here is the link for my blog post on my ponytail rollerset.






que recherche les hommes Saturday, December 20, 2014

scritched/massaged/preened sebum onto my hair focusing on ends.  For bedtime I pulled my hair into a high pony and wrapped the ends of my hair around the scrunchie

roller set week of dec 142




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