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go here see To see all the deets on how I did my ponytail rollerset click here.

scranton speed dating This week I decided to see how long I could go without rinsing but more importantly how long I could keep my rollerset style.  This blog post won’t be in the format of a daily digest but just a recap of the week.  So for starters I did keep my rollerset/stretched hair all week long.  I absolutely loved, loved, loved my hair!!  My hair did not dry bone straight so it was in a more stretched and fluffy state.  roller set fluffy hair  

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rencontre 11 My hair lost it’s rollerset curl a few days after I set the curls and I had to remember that straight hair will not hold it’s curl like our natural curls therefore I had to set my hair overnight in order to have some curl.  I didn’t set them every night but mid-week I spritzed medium-sized sections of my hair with water very lightly and set my hair on flexi rods and hard curlers.   roller set week  

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On nights I didn’t set my hair with flexi rods or curlers I would just pineapple my hair and the curls would stay intact on the ends of my hair and the pineapple gave my hair some stretch.

This collage pic is my hair on Christmas day. inloveclapinloveroller set week of dec 212




I pineappled my hair Christmas night(too tired to roll it) and this is what I got the next day…not as curly but still decent.  roller set week of dec 213 pink




I ended my rollerset week by braiding my hair at night and it stayed this way for the next two days.  I still scritched, massaged and preened throughout the week.  I wanted to wear a braidout style but I figured I had gone long enough without rinsing so I decided to rinse on Monday, Dec, 29, 2014.

roller set week of dec 214







All in all I think I had a very successful week with my first rollerset on my water only natural hair.  I will definitely do this again!!  smilesmilesmileroller set week of dec 215




Claire China Best Wigs · October 7, 2015 at 10:24 pm

i love your old blog,also the new one!!!!Please keep doing it!Your natural hair is amazing!

    LovingDeeNaturally · October 17, 2015 at 8:41 pm

    Thank you so much!! thanks for visiting!

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