Sunday, December 7, 2014

Hair stayed in twists all day.



Monday, December 8, 2014(RINSE DAY)

Rinsed hair loose.  Scritch/Massage/Preen/Detangle/Twist in sections as a I go under running water and twist back up…t-shirt dry for about 10 min or so.,.NO GHE at night



Tuesday, December 9, 2014(RINSE DAY)

same procedure as Monday



NOTE:  I’m noticing it is taking a loooooong time for my hair to get really saturated with water and it makes my shower rinsing to be longer than I like b/c I’m using soooo much water.  One reason is because of the density and thickness of my hair.  The water has A LOT to get thru.  I’m thinking another reason is the sebum coating my hair may be slowing down the water penetrating my strands BUT I don’t want to remove any sebum.  I don’t have build up and I’m starting to see bettter curl clumage  clap and inlove.          I may have to pre-wet my hair and give the water time to soak in before getting in the shower so my shower time is not so long.  I find I HAVE to stay on top of detangling b/c once my hair is dry I find clumps of hair that are trying to mat b/c shed hairs have wrapped around my strands that I didn’t feel while shower rinsing.  So then I sit (while watching tv or relaxing) and work out these tangles  on dry hair.   Detangling is a never-ending process; if you sleep on it for any amount of time you will have a mess on your hands.cry


Wednesday, December 10, 2014

wore my hair out.  My hair is very full (b/c of a level of frizz) but I’m loving it and not caring too much about the frizz b/c it’s just too cold to be worried about the perfect curl.  I slaps a hat over my curly fro and keeps it moving!!



Thursday, December 11, 2014(RINSE DAY)

same routine as on Monday.  I rinsed at the sink today b/c I used an all natural detangling diy product.  I got this recipe from Dawn Michelle of  Her website is chocked full of all natural products that she has used on her hair and documents her hair journey.  It is a resource that I go to time and time again.  I used her Moisturizing Detangler BUT I kept my recipe very, very minimal.  I used aloe vera juice, distilled water and guar gum as a  thickener and this product gives very nice slip.  I was able to detangle and get my fingers thru the roots of my hair down my strands and detangle with ease.  In the past I have used this product as a leave-in but got a lot of flaking the next day when I took my hair out.  This time I used it to detangle and immediately rinsed it out then twisted.  The big test is whether is removed too much, if any all, of my sebum.  When I feel my twists I still feel my sebum on there but we’ll see once I take them out.



Friday, December 12, 2014

hair stayed in twists most of the day.  I did untwist to preen sebum onto my ends.  That diy product seems like it took all of the sebum off my ends.  But once I preened my hair and ends felt much better.  I twisted up for bedtime and did GHE to help allow that moisture and sebum to coat my hair.




Saturday, December 13, 2014(RINSE DAY)

wore my hair out today and didn’t like how my hair felt.  My hair felt ‘hard’ or ‘crinkly’.  Ever since I’ve really cut down on my use of commercial products, my hair seems to not take to aloe vera juice as kindly as it used to.  I don’t think my hair liked the aloe vera juice in my concoction.  I had a curly afro today.  It was frizzy, puffy, undefined but I was able to make it work.  20141213_135722-1 wm20141213_135722-1 wm






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