I have been running across youtubers doing something I had never heard of; a ponytail rollerset.  I was especially inspired by my girl Miss Regal Fro on youtube.  She just recently did a video of her ponytail rollerset and she just makes handling her hair look so easy, so I decided to try it and I love the results!

I sectioned my hair into medium sized sections and applied a small bit of grapeseed oil to my ends.  I used rubberbands to secure the “ponytails” close to the roots and divided those ponytails up into 2 sections each(3 sections in the back of my head) and rolled each section onto the rollers.

I especially love that my hair is easier to manage is this low manip, super-stretched state.  I’m trying to see how I can continue to wear my hair like this during this winter and continue doing water only and not overdo it with the heat on my hair.

As you can see I had a head full of rollers.  DSCN1326 wm  I could not fit my whole head under my hooded dryer but all in all I sat under the dryer on low heat setting for 1 hour.   DSCN1330 wm






Some areas in the back of my head and the sides were not completely dry at the roots so those areas dried to a puff rather than a rollerset curl.  roller set week of dec 144



Here is day 1 hair:first day wm

Here is how I set my hair for bedtime:roller set week of dec 143 wm

This is second day hair fluffed out.  I separated just a few of the curls b/c I wanted to keep as much curl as I could.  roller set week of dec 14

roller set week of dec 141


I absolutely love my hair like this!!! inloveinlove.  Now I need to figure out how to maintain this on the water only hair wash regimen and not overdo using heat(from the hooded dryer) on my hair.  While my hair is straight I plan on using my boar bristle brush to distribute my sebum and see if that makes a difference.


roller set week of dec 142















































































(Respectfully) let me know your thoughts :-D:

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