Happy Sunday to you all!!  Getting a trim or light shape-up is a great way to cure the “hair blahs” that can sometimes accompany this hair journey we are on.  A trim is a ‘safe’ way of changing up your hair “style” without the sharp contrast of cutting all your hard-earned length off yet not get bored with your hair.

This video talks about the process of my #devacut.  I went to an Ulta salon in my area.  This particular salon had a Deva stylist so I did not have to go to a #Devachan salon.  I also saved myself some #coins by going to a stylist in a regular salon.  She charged me $38 for the cut and the wash and style whereas Devachan salon quoted me a price of $98 for the cut and that was with a JUNIOR stylist.  A MASTER stylist was well over $100…I don’t quite remember the figure they quoted me on that one.  When they told me the price of the JUNIOR stylist I stopped listening to whatever came after that…lol!!!!   Since it was an Ulta salon I was allowed to bring my own products which I discuss in the video.

All in all I am very very happy with my cut and the style in which she cut my hair.  I prefer to style my own hair since I’m learning not every stylist knows how to handle African-American hair in its natural state so I re-styled my hair once I got home from the salon.

Enjoy the video and let me know if you have ever gotten a #devacut and if you use any #devacurl products.

Oh, one more thing!  I discuss the products I used in my restyling and wanted to let you know some of these products are available in my new Amazon store,  The store link is located on the right sidebar of this blog.

Thanks for watching!




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