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Today marks the beginning of a new season.

Today is September 22, the beginning of fall for the year 2017 and the day of the fall equinox here in the Northern Hemisphere.

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Today is starting off cool(currently 65 degrees) but pleasant. The sun is shining bright and beautiful through my southern bedroom window bringing with it the glowing warmth that I already miss from my departing summer season. I do have one window open and the cool breeze is coming through but not so much as to make it unpleasantly cool. I love smelling the fresh air and having it waft through the room I’m in or through my home(as long as it doesn’t make the house cold.)


So yes as you can probably see, I am a warm/hot weather girl. I was born in the heat of the year(end of July) in the heat of the south(southernmost Mississippi) and summer is my favorite time of year.

I have noticed that the seasons of my life tend to follow the seasons of the year pretty closely. Being that I am solar-powered and summer is my season, I seem to find joyous freedom and bliss being able to feel the almost unbearable heat of the sun on my skin, wearing light summer dresses and tops and shorts, being outside in nature on those long summer days with the greenest of the green trees and color-popping flowers and did I say the blazing heat of the sun?

Fall used to really seem like winter to me because the coolness would set in and it was back to seeking warmth indoors, wearing heavier clothing, daylight would get shorter and nights would start getting longer and also it was the watch end of warm weather.

As I sit here this morning, I can say goodbye to Summer with a grateful heart…grateful for the sunny blessings and lessons that she taught me, knowing that I will see her again because life is full of cycles and Summer will cycle back around in my life…physically as well as spiritually.

 As I sit here this morning, I am able to look ahead embracing this new beginning, this new fall season, (in more than one area of my life) and this new phase in my life with a greater measure of:

As much as I love summer and as much as I used to see the approach of fall as a depressing time, I am(now more than ever) able to appreciate the change of seasons and to value them for what they are and for what they can bring into my life.

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What makes this Fall season more welcome in my life than any other previous Fall season is because I have (finally) realized that Endings are not just Endings…such as the ending of the Summer season. Endings are also Beginnings…such as the ending of Summer is the beginning of the Fall. The ‘Ending’ of one thing is just a transformation or changing of that thing into another form or another ‘body’…such as the ending of Summer transforming into Fall. Beginnings almost always are exciting and can be accompanied by a hopeful outlook.

These endings/beginnings form the cycles that characterize our lives, spiritual as well as physical.

I am so grateful to be able to discern and appreciate these cycles in my life. Being aware of this truth has helped me weather changes and the storms of life with much more poise and tranquility knowing that Spirit is never trying to diminish me but is always working to bring new opportunities for growth and maturity in my life and that it all works out in the end, many times better than what I had envisioned.

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I am so grateful to be

positioned at the beginning of

this new season with the

Eyes of my Mind and Heart

Wide Open…


Aware and Available…

Open and Objective…

Ready and Receptive…

for this next phase.




number one free dating site What are you Excited for in this new season? What are you Eagerly looking forward to in this new season? What are you grateful for in this new season?


(*** The pics in this blog post of the trees, sky sun, etc. were taken from my backyard. 🙂 )


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