In this 5-Week Immersion you will:

>> learn the importance of taking mindful action to follow the direction of your internal Wisdom that will move you along the path of achieving what you desire.

>> learn to identify, uncover and remove fears and doubts that block your path to internal wholeness.

>> experience deeper connection to yourself and a greater ability to understand spiritual principles and tools you can put to use in your life.

>> experience support in navigating the uncharted waters of digging up emotional fallow ground

>> take with you an improved outlook on yourself and your hair, seeing your hair for the asset that it is

>> take with you a deeper connection to yourself and your hair resulting in a greater sense of wholeness, confidence and self-esteem.

What's included?

** Five(5) 1/2 hr video coaching sessions with me

=> this includes an individualized hair treatment plan based on informal consult

** My 35-day Journaling Program guide

=> 35 days of daily instruction on how to:

  • initiate a spiritual discipline in your life
  • deepen your connection with yourself and your hair
  • honor the sacredness of your haircare regimen 
  • create a sacred space for insights and breakthroughs you receive while in this immersion
*** BONUS ($49 value)

=> my regimen-building ebook: includes worksheet to categorize and journal hair progress, procedure and products used. ($49 value)

=> ongoing support in private facebook group for building/fine-tuning your hair regimen and sharing spiritual insights


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