Cart My name is Deidra (Dee) and I created this site to journal through this natural hair journey I started.

go to site Back in 2012 I began a journey to get to know my natural hair. By that I mean getting to know my hair the way it was created to grow out of my head, without any chemical straighteners and the like…my NATURAL hair. Healing came into my life as I learned to accept and fall in love with my hair in it’s natural state. This hair journey brought me to a place of greater self-acceptance, greater self-esteem and confidence; to a place of more understanding of my own hair; to a place of awareness of my own beauty, purpose, power and grace—to a place of loving me click here — of This hair journey also sent me headlong into a deeper spiritual walk. Walking this deeper path led me to a more fulfilling connection to Spirit in a way that I have never known.

enter It has taught me that more profound healing needed to occur in me and I had to change how I thought about myself and about my life in order for that to happen. I had to realize that I was my own hindrance and that I set limitations on myself. No one else was to blame. I had to get determined to live an overcoming life…overcome my own self-imposed limitations and I made a concerted effort to change my life by changing how I think.

binäre optionen consorsbank As I look back on it now I see I have always been on a spiritual journey because all of life is sacred and my life’s journey and soul’s purpose has been to find a way over the hurdles, through the blockages, past the hindrances and limitations that presented themselves along the way – back to my Divine Source – back to internal wholeness and unity within myself; back to the light that is me .

enter site I now view and understand my life and myself through a more spiritual lens. This spiritual perspective engenders authenticity in every area of my life and enables me to be light I was created to be..

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