My Hair Recipes: Whipped and Creamy Shea Butter Mix

  Whipped Shea Butter crème(step 1) Raw Shea Butter as base ½ – 1 tsp jojoba oil ½ – 1 tsp olive oil ½ – 1 tsp coconut oil ½ – 1 tsp avocado oil or whatever oils you like to use Add all oils to raw shea butter in mixing bowl. Mix with hand mixer until smooth and consistency of whipped frosting. Creamy Shea Butter Mix(step 2) Instructions: Fill container half full of melted Read more…


My Hair Recipes: Prepoo/Deep Conditioner

This series of Hair Recipe posts contain the recipes/products I make/use on my hair.  The NOTES section contain additional information and/or my observations of how my hair responded when I used these recipes. <<><<><<><<><<><<><<><<><<><<><<><<><<><<><<><<><<><<><<><<><<><<><<>< PREPOO(before cleanse) OR DEEP CONDITIONER(after cleanse) conditioner – deep condition the hair prior to shampoo oil – coat hair with good natural oil other optional natural additives PREPOO/DEEP CONDITIONING PRODUCTS(when choosing/buying products I aim for little to no petrolatum/mineral oil, etc) Read more…


My staple products and regimen

The categorizing of my staple hair products came from the ‘blueprint’ I found in The Science of Black Hair.  I just filled in these categories with what I was using.  What I did not have prior to reading this book were protein-based products.  Once I read about the importance of a moisture-protein balance in our haircare regimen, I then researched some products and purchased them and I began using the protein-based deep conditioner.  I LOVE Read more…


My twistouts(on old wash and go)

The main goal in doing my twistouts on old wash and gos is to stretch or elongate my curls while preserving whatever curl definition I have at the time of my dry, frizzy wash and go.  so I don’t comb through each medium sized section of hair.  I don’t even rake with my fingers so much. My second goal is to re-hydrate my hair. (Note:  I do re-hydrate without twisting my hair but after a few Read more…


My wash and go

So being a new natural this past summer, a wash and go was the first thing I did on my hair.  I co-wash or rinse my hair and then use Tresemme Naturals Nourishing Moisture as my moisturizing conditioner.  For the summer I would leave all the conditioner in my hair and smooth it through my hair and then let it air dry.  I then learned how to add other product to my conditioner to make Read more…

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