Your Journey

Your natural hair journey is a spiritual journey.

You are not your hair.

You are so much more than you hair.

Yet, taking care of your hair is taking care of you.

Learning about your hair is learning about you because your natural hair is connected to the essence of you.

Your natural hair is an expression of your God-given individuality.

It is part of your physical identity.

And since everything on earth has a spiritual root, your natural hair is rooted in the spiritual reality of you.

Being "natural"

I believe:

"Being natural" is more than just wearing your natural hair texture and/or color.

"Being natural" is more than just figuring out what products and techniques to use.

Being "natural" involves incorporating the spiritual/mental aspect of hair and self-care.

Being "natural" involves embracing the totality of you

spiritually, mentally and physically

You are the key

My approach to hair-care/self-care involves learning your hair as well as yourself for how can you love the outer you without loving the inner you?

Many times, you may not be aware of underlying self-defeating thoughts and beliefs that blind you to truth and cause you to misuse and abuse who you are and what you have been given.

You see, the key to your freedom lies within you.

My goal is to raise your spiritual awareness to empower you to be who God has created you to be.

click Holistic Hair™ is designed to give you the tools to:

  • connect to Divine Wisdom and Truth that resides inside of you
  • begin to identify and self-correct patterns of thinking that keep you stuck
  • provide structure and accountability in building a foundation for a healthy self-care/hair-care regimen using elements of my CARE system.

What's included?

source link site de rencontre sur lyon 100 gratuit ** Weekly consultation sessions

papi teste les sites de rencontres et Г§a marche These sessions are scheduled once a week for 4 weeks😊 Reflective writing assignments to begin evaluating beliefs, thoughts and actions improving your internal landscape😊

Product usage, technique and regimen-building to begin improving your external landscape😊

buy trileptal go here ** Access to me through private message/DM or email throughout the month