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Do you feel like you've reached a dead-end in your spiritual life?

You've been struggling to find peace in your life but you feel like you are spinning your wheels and getting nowhere

You continue to cycle through church services, religious books and bible studies trying to obtain sense of purpose and fulfillment.

You hang on every word of the religious leaders in order to improve your life yet doubt, uncertainty and confusion still prevail in your heart and mind.

If you desperately desire to change your life


> overcome personal weaknesses and find internal freedom and strength

> conquer your fears and doubts

> gain stability and peace that gets you through the storms of life

> finally feel secure in your relationship with God.

then I'm here to help you.

Whether you are someone who

> struggles with feeling lost because of lack of spiritual direction

> feels discontent and confused over spiritual doctrine and how to live it out

> battles overwhelming emptiness in your soul

I would love to help you!

At a young age I found meaning and purpose in having a relationship with God.

I've spent years growing in and cultivating that relationship.

My spiritual life deepened in 2012 as I learned how to

change my life by changing my mindset.

This gave me:

> a deeper, more satisfying connection to God's Light and Love

> a more positive mindset and state of being which governs the successes in my life

> internal peace and healing as I overcame many deep-seated insecurities and fear-based mental programming

> the ability to walk in the truth of WHO I AM by taking off the false layers and realizing who I was created to be

When you work with me you will walk away with:

> tools and techniques to help further you on your spiritual journey

> clearer direction, understanding and vision of who you are and who God is in you

> a sense of spiritual connection, personal freedom and empowerment

As a Spiritual Empowerment Mentor my spiritual philosophy undergirds all that I do and is that:

* There is a seed of Divine Light and Life inside of every person

* True empowerment and spiritual growth comes from within

* Perspective is everything

If you are ready to change your life,

I'm here to show you how.

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