About Me

Who Am I?


My name is Deidra (Dee) and back in 2012 I began a journey to get to know my natural hair,  By that I mean getting to know my hair the way it was created to grow out of my head, without any chemical straighteners and the like…my NATURAL hair.

Healing began to come into my life as I learned to accept and fall in love with my hair in it’s natural state.  I felt much more happiness and peace in my life.  I felt like I had gone back in time and reconnected to a part of my self that I purposely left behind.  Over time I felt much more whole again within myself.

This hair journey brought me to a place of greater self-acceptance, greater self-esteem and confidence; to a place of more understanding of my own hair and my own heart.

I felt a new sense of 'wholeness' as I felt I had 're-claimed' parts of my being and my personal power.

I came to a place of deeper awareness of discovering my own beauty, purpose, power —to a place of loving me— of LOVING DEE NATURALLY.

I also came to realize that the natural hair journey (for me) mirrored and gave expression to the spiritual journey that was taking place on the inside.  It led me to a place of uncovering and shedding the layers of (perm and) mental, emotional and spiritual conditioning that had kept me in a state of not really knowing and being confident in who I was.  It led me to a place where I became aware of the need to transform my mindset & perception of myself and of what I believed and of what is true for me.  It led me straight into breakthrough/discovery of who I am on a deeply spiritual level which empowers me to live life on my terms, free to discover and live my truth, my way  

It is my desire to help facilitate this right of passage of healing, enlightenment & empowerment in your life and to come to a place of truly Loving You Naturally, spiritually, mentally and physically