About Me

Who Am I and What do I do?


Hi, my name is Dee.

My passion is supporting women in their natural hair journey and teaching them how to fall in love with their natural hair.

I returned to my natural roots May 2012.  I have been through many phases of my natural hair journey as I set out to learn the nature of MY true(natural) hair.

Learning my natural(hair) truth was the catalyst to learning my own spiritual/personal truth as an individual on many other levels and in many other areas of my life.

I am at a point now in my journey where I believe that:

  • "Being natural" is more than just wearing your natural hair texture and/or color. 
  • "Being natural" is more than just figuring out what products and techniques to use to care for and style your natural hair. 
  • "Being natural" is more than the physical aspects of your hair care regimen.      
  • "Being natural" involves incorporating a powerful underlying and often overlooked component and that is the spiritual/mental aspect of self-care.      


My approach to life and especially hair care is holistic as it involves learning your hair as well as yourself; for how can you love the outer you without loving the inner you?

Hair care is not just about knowing what products and techniques to use but it is also about establishing a mindset of empowerment and self-acceptance at deeper levels than just products and techniques.

Many times, we are not aware of self-defeating thoughts, beliefs and behaviors that creep into our hearts and minds and cause us to abuse what we have been given and prevents us from seeing our own inner value and beauty which reflects on how we treat and view our outer beauty.

You see, the key to freedom lies within you. 

The power of your natural hair (journey) is experienced in the connection you have with yourself.

You can create a successful natural hair journey for yourself by what you believe, think, feel and do about your hair/about yourself.