Do you have a connection to your natural hair?

 Are you struggling to fully and comfortably embrace the image of yourself with natural hair?

Do you battle nagging thoughts that your grade of hair is too 'bad' or nappy to wear in it's natural state?

Do you experience doubt and uncertainty wondering if you are capable or can even know how to care for your natural hair?

Well, I believe you have come to the right place!

My Mission

Hi, my name is Deidra, Dee for short.

I am here to help you get past the stuck places in your hair journey.

I am here to help bring freedom, joy and delight in learning about and caring for your natural hair.  
I am here to help you re-examine and (in some cases) raise the bar on how you view the gift and significance of your natural hair so that you can walk proudly embracing your natural truth.

Yes, hair is just hair if you view it from just it’s physical existence, but you become aware of so much more when you consider how connected your hair is to your entire being – spirit, mind and body.
My mission is to help you re-connect to your (natural) truth, in spirit, mind & body

This empowers you to master your hair care and achieve healthy, vibrant hair as well as experience personal transformation in how you view yourself as well as your hair.  


My Approach

My approach to hair care is holistic as it involves learning your hair as well as yourself.

For how can you love the outer you without loving the inner you?

Hair care is not just about knowing what products and techniques to use; it is also about establishing a mindset of empowerment and self-acceptance in a balanced way.

Many times, we are not aware of self-defeating thoughts, beliefs and behaviors that creep into our hearts and minds.

These thoughts cause us to abuse what we have been given; it prevents us from seeing our own inner value and beauty which reflects on how we treat and view our outer beauty.

You see, the key to freedom lies within you.

You can create a successful natural hair journey for yourself by what you believe, think, feel and do about your hair/about yourself.

The power of your natural hair (journey) is experienced in the connection you have with yourself. 


My Program

 "LOVING THE NATURAL YOU" is a 4 week, structured coaching program where I teach you “principles and procedures” that will help you build this connection holistically.

This 1:1 coaching program addresses the unique qualities and needs of your natural hair journey and is designed to help strengthen your internal connection to God, yourself and your hair.

It emphasizes caring for yourself spiritually in order to deepen how you care for yourself physically.


LOVING THE NATURAL YOU is designed to give you the tools to revitalize these key areas:

  • Your Spiritual Connection
  • Your Love of Self
  • Your Hair Care Regimen
  • Your Care from the Heart 


What's Included?

  • Four structured 1:1 coaching sessions
  • Guided writing program to begin improving your spiritual, mental/emotional landscape
  • Access to me throughout the month via email, direct message

Sign Up

Lastly, this work does require a commitment to yourself and to this process to receive the full benefit of your effort.

So, if you are ready, let's get started.

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Healthy hair flourishes in the soil of a healthy heart & mind

-- Deidra Roberson