Who am I and What do I do?

My name is Dee.  I am a Spiritual Wellness Teacher/Mentor and I help you navigate the deeper, spiritual side of life's journey to help you express and live your truth on your terms in your own way.


I help deepen your spiritual awareness & understanding; help you break through blockages that keep you stuck and share tools to help build your own spiritual connection so you can enjoy success in your natural hair journey, spiritual life or whatever you put your hand to. 


My goal is to empower you to rise up in confidence and walk powerfully in your own personal, "natural & spiritual"  truth so that you can express your unique beautiful brilliance out into the world,  

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Your natural hair journey is a spiritual journey


Spiritual Empowerment for your Natural Hair Journey

Take some time for self-care and get into the heart of your natural hair journey with my new e-book download.  These daily reflections will encourage on your way and inspire you take a deeper look into what being natural means to you.

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