Renate Seldon Very cool! You are a Big Inspiration to me on my Water Only journey.. I swear by it! Thanks for sharing your HAIR primp. You deserve to primp! Yaaas!


C Babe Omg!! Your hair just gave me encouragement!! Thank you so much!! ❤️


cydmoney12 Thanks for the vid. I am trying out water only washing & was definitely doing my massages all wrong. The fact that you kept your hair up & stated to plant your fingers gave me that oh yea moment. Keep passing in the great info & love your hair!


HealthyHairJourney72 Great tip on scalp massage love it tfs ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


TheChocBeauty You have blessed me with your videos.


JournalsJewelsandJourneysMagazine This has been an extremely user friendly introduction into the world, and realm of Natural Hair.  I have so many questions ….  Where have I been?  This is my first introduction to a water only hair washing system.  There must be a reason for this.  I am assuming that our natural hair thirst for natural oil to moisturize and characterize our hair from the roots, and that the absence of products, which are chemically enriched, has the ability to strip our scalp of the natural essential oils necessary for proper growth and development to produce a healthy scalp, and ultimately, healthy hair.  I have been on a natural hair journey now for 2 years.  Besides the most recent extensions, I don’t do anything more than wash, moisturize with Afro stretch, braid, and sport a wig of choice.  Although my husband likes the wigs, he would love for me to start wearing my own hair.  The problem is, that I’ve always wore some sort of extensions, even as a teenager, and I am not use to it, that is my only reason.  My hope is that I will begin to take the time to give my hair the attention it so desperately needs, and begin to love it naturally as I see you are doing.  With sincere thanks!


Renate Seldon Thank you for this video. I have been Water Only for about 7 months.. I follow your videos for help. My hair is healthier than I ever thought it could be! Water Only is THE ONLY way I will go.


rhea mike THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please stay on Youtube!!!!!!!! I just started the WOW(Water Only Wash), I NEED YOU!!!!!!! …and side note, LOVE those earrings!!!!!


rhea mike Smiling. You’re are my Mentor! People keep telling me, you can grow long hair with just water…. time to prove them wrong!!!

There are 3 ways to work with me:


1. ‘Get Me Ready’ Session ……………………………..……………………………………. $75/session

    This session is designed for:

– those who need a little boost getting started with a healthy hair care regimen

– those who are exploring the idea of going natural and want to talk through some of their concerns/questions. 




2. ‘Show Me What To Do’ Strategy Session ………………………………………………….. $140/session

This session is designed for:

– those who are transitioning to natural or already natural, struggling in caring for their natural hair and desire a step by step strategy for getting on track with healthy haircare practices. They will receive an individualized treatment plan based on their responses to the discovery questionnaire.





3. ‘Walk Me Through It’ Package – Accountability and Ongoing Support ………. $280/month

This package consists of 4 weekly sessions and is for:

– those who desire ongoing support and accountability in implementing their prescription treatment plan. This plan will involve weekly video check-in’s to assess progress and/or fine tune the treatment plan for a period of 1(one) month. You will also have access to me via email, PM, etc. throughout the month.


 Email me at to schedule a time to work with me!!







T. Smith 2/6/16     My biggest fear was you were not going to be able to help me because we did not have the same type of hair. Yes you helped me so much that my hair styles turned out right the first time.  My curl definition is amazing. You taught me about silicones and how to find them and how to use my products in more ways than stated on the bottle.  You really gave me the benefit of your research.  The biggest benefit of your service was talking to someone who understood my struggle and had an answer. Someone who understood the struggles of dry hair.  You have helped me elevate my hair journey by showing me with moisturized hair I can do so much more with my hair.  You helped  me understand why I want products without silicone.  Because of you I now understand I do not have to go broke on products that may or may not work plus I now know what to look for when I buy products. I am only two weeks in and the results I have gotten so far are:

1) my hair is manageable.  

2) I can do a late night styling and my hair will dry in 7 hours . 

3) I no longer dread washing my hair.

4) I can wash condition and detangle much faster than before and you helped bring the ease of doing my hair back. I feel like those wrap it up and go to sleep days again.  

It is a joy working with you. You made feel like I am the magician. You made me feel like I have good hair and you gave me confidence to apply these same techniques to my daughter’s hair!