Hi, my name is Dee.

My passion is in helping you discover a deeper meaning of life that comes through establishing internal wholeness & authenticity.

This occurs when you learn to connect and rightly relate to the Divine Light within you.

I support those who feel disillusioned and lost in their spirituality, to find direction and deepen their spiritual connection with God.

I also serve women of color who experience frustration and struggle in their identity with their natural hair, to awaken, rise up and embrace who they truly are.

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I also create wire-wrapped stone necklaces.

I have discovered and fallen in love with God's beautiful creation of natural stones and crystals.

I believe that (as with all Nature) these earth babies carry the loving and healing Essence of our Creator and are meant to bring us blessing and joy.

My necklaces are lovingly crafted keeping the individuality of the stone in mind and is created to fit each stone's unique shape and feel.

Each necklace then becomes a “one of a kind” piece of jewelry that will adorn your life with it's distinctive charm, beauty and grace.

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